The valuation of its assets provides a company with invaluable information, whether it is done in order to make decisions on the purchase, sale or lease of assets or for the preparation of financial statements. The latter should reflect the economic, financial and asset situation of the company so that the shareholders, management or other stakeholders know the company’s position. Therefore, it is essential to have an objective assessment of the assets of the company from which to prepare the financial statements according to the General Accounting Plan, GAP, or International Financial Reporting Standards, IFRS.

In all listed companies or their IPO processes it is of vital importance to promote market transparency.

Also, knowing the changes in the real estate assets of the company can give it a privileged position when making decisions about how to manage a particular real estate portfolio.
Therefore, Euroval, following the recommendations of the National Securities Market Commission, CNMV, and knowing that such operations transcend traditional valuations, has established for the assessment reports it made for these purposes a series of very strict requirements aimed at achieving the accuracy, objectivity and Independence required for their preparation.