EUROVAL is a leading company in the Spanish appraisal sector and one of the most experienced independent firms.

We started operating in 1990 and have a highly qualified professional team, which works according to our own standardized assessment methodology, to provide a fast and reliable service in our appraisals and reports.

Throughout the operational network we have implanted an expert appraisal system (EAS) equipped with the latest GIS (Geographic Information System) technologies, which has made us technological leaders in appraisal and assessment. These systems are supported by a powerful database of prices with over 2 million witnesses, previously validated and constantly updated. In this way, we make sure to reflect the current value of the asset as closely as possible to our clients, either through comparative analysis of markets, its costs or the income it is capable of producing.


We have our own staff for the development and maintenance of our computer applications and systems, which are characterized by a high degree of automation.

At Euroval we have implemented a Quality Management System certified by AENOR, which has been updated through a process of continuous improvement since its introduction in 1999 until today, adapting it to the current UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 Standard.
Through this system, we establish our commitment to seeking the maximum satisfaction of our clients, meeting their needs and with the firm conviction of being able to exceed their expectations, while complying with current legislation.


Our group consists of EUROVALORACIONES S.A. as main company and also includes the Institute of Real Estate Analysis, specializing in the research and development of mathematical-statistical models and information systems, intended for the analysis, monitoring and forecasting of real estate information.

We have a network of offices throughout Spain and we operate internationally with Germany, Argentina, France, Morocco, Mexico, Portugal, United Kingdom and Romania.

We are full members of the Spanish Association of Value Analysis (AEV). We have been approved by the Bank of Spain since 1990 (Code 4388) and by the National Securities Market Commission, CNMV.

Our values

Our main aim is to meet the needs of our clients, for which we offer proven experience and a commitment to R&D and continuous training, along with the ethical conduct of our professionals.

The main backbone of any organization are its corporate values. With them it defines itself, because corporate values are those of the people behind it, especially its directors.


At Euroval, we consider that our values define the identity of our corporation, and are driving force behind the day to day running of our business. We believe that our success is a consequence of them, among which are:

  • Professionalism
    Our know-how
  • Innovation
    Advanced technology and resources
  • Independence
    Beyond political and commercial pressure
  • Confidence
    Mutual trust and discretion and privacy with our clients
  • Adaptation
    Customised service
  • Compromise
    Quality, precision, reliability and service