Euroval professionals have offered their knowledge and quality service since the beginning, in all areas related with appraisals, valuations, consulting, counseling and expert appraisals.

The company’s fixed structure consists of thirty-five people spread between the different management, operation and organization departments. An excellent human team of over four hundred fifty professionals specialising in different areas of engineering, architecture, statistics, law and finances who collaborate with us on a regular basis, while undergoing constant training and skill updating.

Euroval’s technicians comply with an Internal Conduct Regulation to promote the independence of appraisal activity and avoid any possible conflicts of interest in the valuations made.



José Vázquez Seijo
José Antonio Jareño
Vice President
Eduardo Sanchis
Managing Director
Alvaro Satué
Technical Consultancy
Juan Pablo Niñoles
Technology and Innovation Management

Area and Department Managers

Manuel Rodríguez
Noelia Carazo
Human Resources
Ana Gil
Operations Management
Andreea Monica Otel
Studies and Organization
Alberto M. Duce
Management Control
Alberto Giménez
TI and Systems
César Rodríguez
Coordinator General Technical
Abelardo Íñiguez
General Technical Audit
Sergio Castaño
Quality and Training
Marian Hernández
Technical Organization
Belén Bonilla
Validation Deputy Manager
Paloma Murcia
Technical Delegate of Madrid
Yolanda Montes
Business Area Management I
Vanesa Raíces
Business Area Management II
Eduardo Aznar
Catalonia Regional Director
Jaime González
Operations and Services Deputy Manager
Rosa Lorente
Secretary and Communications
María Rodrigo
Web Services