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Knowing the value of a property linked to economic exploitation is key to anyone who wants to optimize the management of their current or future assets. You can avail of a well-argued report performed by an independent technical which includes information on the value of the property based on the investment made, the profitability or based on its market.

This type of service is focused on the valuation of assets linked to exploitations, among which the following are included:

  • Buildings and industrial and manufacturing facilities
  • Buildings for agricultural transformation such as dairies, poultry, swine, slaughterhouses, farms of all types.
  • Transport centers, car parks and buildings or facilities related to transportation services
  • Hotel real estate in its various categories and types
  • Hospitals and other health facilities
  • Recreational, sports and entertainment facilities
  • Schools and other cultural facilities
  • Centers for social equipment
  • Residences for students, for senior citizens or similar
  • Gas Stations