Euroval offers the possibility of:

  • Valuations according RICS standards (RICS Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors,) The purposes of  RICS valuations, cover a wide range, fundamentally with the common goal of knowing the market value of an asset and satisfy certain normative precepts. Prominent among them are those that deal with accounting statements, advice and consultancy in general.
  • Valuations according European Valuation Standards EVS (European Valuation Standards), published by TEGOVA in its latest version 2012 ( TEGOVA The European Group of Valuers’ Associations).
  • Valuations according to International Standards established by IVS (International Valuation Standard). The International Valuation Standards Committee, IVSC, has been working since 1994 to develop international standards of homogenous valuations, in Spanish Normas Internacionales de Valoración.

All of this under a regulation system based on compliance with certain standards; among them, we can highlight:

Rules of conduct governing the professional behavior (RIC)
Ethical Code governing conflicts of interest, ethical and professional duties, etc.
Basic principles, containing the practical principles.
Continuous training – as a tool to maintain constantly updated knowledge.